We love working on intelligent embedded systems that offer us new challenges. Whether you need a helping hand with electronics or software design, or a complete turnkey system for development and industrialization, our passion is to take your ideas or prototypes and turn them into finished off-the-shelf products.

Helping to combine innovative discovery with certainty of good results is what we do best. We accomplish this by leveraging our expertise in the relevant applied engineering disciplines, efficient processes and project management.

We apply our knowledge of the complete product life cycle to factor in all phases of your project, even if you need help with only a specific individual task. We converge the knowledge and skills of a design house with those of an electronics manufacturing service provider.

When it comes to turning your ideas into a great reality, we’re your development and industrialization partner!


Feasibility analysis, product life cycle, supply chain and project planning

We start all our work with careful analysis of the technical and business requirements to gain a comprehensive understanding of the need, which serves as the basis for a good solution.

Our assessment services include:

  • Feasibility studies (technical, economic, legal, and other)
  • Requirement specification and validation planning
  • Product life cycle and supply chain analysis and planning
  • Cost structure analysis and optimization
  • Project planning

We have extensive experience in cost analysis and optimization to reach competitive development and production unit cost levels. Developing to meet pre-defined retail price points is standard practice for us.


Design, implementation,
verification & validation

We utilize standards-based development processes and quality systems to ensure certainty of results as specified, on time and on budget.

Our design services include:

  • Systems design
  • Electronics (Analog, Digital, RF)
  • Software (FW, OS, Application, Web)
  • Industrial design and mechanical engineering
  • Testing and certification

With our seasoned development team and technology partners, we offer you state-of-the-art solutions that give your products a competitive edge on the market.


Product manufacturability, supply chain setup, quality assurance

We can also prepare your custom product for mass production as well as set up and manage the manufacturing processes. Products can be available to you virtually like standard off-the-shelf products.

Our industrialization services include:

  • Manufacturability analysis and optimization
  • Supply chain planning and setup
  • Production line and facility planning
  • Production testing and test systems
  • Quality assurance and control

We offer flexible cooperation models, ranging from support for your own production to a full turnkey NPI service.

Life-cycle management

Product & production management, maintenance and support

Our approach is to support the products we design throughout their life cycle. This means that you can be confident that support and maintenance are available also in the future.

Our life-cycle management services include:

  • Product management
  • Material change management
  • Supply chain management
  • Production volume scaling, ramp-up/down
  • Production and production testing  support
  • Logistics and inventory management
  • Incident management and RMA handling

Life-cycle management services are available flexibly on a continuous agreement or on demand.

Who we work for

Our customers have outsourced their R&D and manufacturing projects to us for the past 20 years. They appreciate our ability to be their trustworthy partners who can deliver turnkey, comprehensive solutions. This enables them to focus on their core work, allowing us to bring their ideas into production.

About us

Established in 1996

Over 300 projects

Headquartered in Espoo

One pet goldfish


We’re all about sharing knowledge and keeping customers up to date

Ever since we began nearly two decades ago, we’ve been passionate about seeing an idea come to life and reach the market. This and our perseverance have enabled us to successfully carry out hundreds of projects and brought us many excellent long-term customer relationships.

We have built our technology and manufacturing partner network to be solid and reliable – to achieve certainty of the comprehensive and competitive results delivered to you.

Continuous lifelong learning and competence development is our way to stay ahead. We’re all about sharing knowledge and keeping customers up to date.


Our solutions are built around technologies from the world’s top suppliers

Our solutions are built around technologies from the world’s top suppliers, such as Texas Instruments and Freescale Semiconductor. Through long-standing, good relationships and by being members in official design partner programs, we have access to the newest technologies and better technical support.

We develop and utilize a portfolio of internal technology platforms around selected key components. This enables us to start a typical new custom design on existing HW/SW platforms, which significantly reduces the size of the development project, design risk and costs, as well as shortens the time to market.


Flexible resourcing through our partner network

Our experienced engineering and project management teams are the key resources in providing our services. Our flexible resourcing arrangement with our partner network allows us to mobilize both additional resources as well as experts with specific competencies.

We can cover all typical production needs and volumes. Our small- and medium-volume production is mainly in Finland and the Baltics. For medium- to high-volume production, we have our main production facility in Dongguan, China.

We offer our technology expertise and services to any sector and application area where they can be utilized.



Want to

  • Design intelligent systems?
  • Utilize your skills at your full potential?
  • Learn new stuff?

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For our personnel, we offer a true opportunity to make today’s designs become tomorrow’s market success. Are you ready for these kinds of challenges?

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Managing director
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Juho Junkkari
Chief Administrative Officer
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Convergens Oy

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Our office is located in the Ahti Business Park, B-wing 2nd floor. Visitors: please go through the Business Park reception.

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