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CVG Convergens is an expert organization where our team is our greatest asset. Hence our team members’ well-being, personal development and performance are our top priorities. We always try to match personal preferences and circumstances to the work at hand to create flexibility as well as motivating challenges and learning opportunities.


We work on project basis in small teams typically utilizing our own processes and tools and do not outplace our people to clients’ organizations. We are low in bureaucracy, transparent in decision making and flexible to agree about any practical matters that help our people to succeed in their roles.


We are committed to run a sound long-term business and to systematically invest in growth and continuous improvement.

Open Roles

Open application

Apply anytime

Do you think you might want to work with us, but these roles are not exactly what you are looking for? Great! You can contact us to discuss anytime or submit us an open application to present your idea. We are looking forward to your contact.


Convergens as an Employer

Our primary offer is meaningful and interesting work with competent and nice colleagues. Our clients are world class in their own respective industries and our projects varying by applications and technologies used. With us you will not feel like a cog in the machine - on the contrary, your role is essentially important to us, and your voice is heard.  You will also have an opportunity to develop your role in the growing organization and a fair chance to improve how things are done. Our compensation model is fair and comparable with others in the industry.

Our Values



Continuity and reputation - we have clear track from history to future. We encourage a culture of quality and professionalism. We are prudent, thorough and have integrity in thinking and doing, even when no one is looking. We are committed to what we do and have constructive questioning attitude and courage.



Knowledge is the basis for all decision making and action. We like to learn new and apply what we have learned and improve continously. By doing teamwork we enable focus, synergy and backup. Procedural compliance helps us as we utilize best practices and metrics. We add value by utilizing resources efficiently i.e. being efficiently effective.



We respect each other, other people, companies, clients, suppliers and everyone else. We are honest and humble, we are open to learn from others and admit our own mistakes. We recognize achievements and reward in balance for the effort.

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