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Embedded Systems Services

We offer services for embedded systems development starting from business level analysis all the way to a realized product on the market and materialized added value.

Typical products that we develop include single-board computers, computing/control modules, IoT sensors and actuators, communication gateways, HMI devices, mobile handheld devices and associated software.

In addition to development, we provide services over the product life cycle including engineering, compliance and certifications, NPI, manufacturing and sustaining. These services can be linked together for a complete turnkey solution including manufacturing, logistics and maintenance of the developed product. Services such as feasibility studies and concepting are also provided separately, without the need to commit to a development project.

​We base our work on industry and regulatory standards and best practices, with quality, reliablity, sustainability and maintainability as our key principles. We operate according to our own tried and tested project model and quality system, or can adapt to client operating models and processes when requested.



  • ​Business requirements assessment and analysis

  • Feasibility and viability studies

  • Process and data modeling

  • Technical studies, techonology evaluation

  • Ideation and concepting

  • System and product specification

  • Supply chain planning

  • Market access requirements assessment and planning


  • Electronics design, schematic and layout, DFM, DFT

  • Components/materials specification

  • Industrial design

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Tooling

  • SW/FW development for embedded, PC, web/cloud & mobile

  • Testing and verification

  • Sustaining


  • Electronics assembly, mechanical parts, box-build, testing, packaging

  • Scalable capacity from prototypes to hundreds of thousands pcs/year

  • Automated QA/production testing with remote monitoring & control

  • Product & material traceability and tracking

  • Worldwide logistics

Product Development

  • Product and project planning and management

  • Client & stakeholder collaboration

  • Cost and timeline

  • System architecture

  • Key technologies & components

  • Regulatory and industry standards requirements

  • Concepting, PoCs

  • Prototyping

  • Production model development

  • NPI

Compliance & Testing

  • Investigation of government and industry stakeholders' requirements and approvals for various market areas

  • Radio equipment type approvals

  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB qualifications

  • Test system design and implementation

  • Environmental testing

  • Electrical Safety 

  • Functional Safety Lifecycle

  • Hazardous substances, manufacturer responsibility and eco-design

Maintenance & Support

  • Sustaining of products and manufacturing over the life cycle

  • Product changes and further development

  • Materials and component qualifications and changes

  • Software maintenance and updates

  • Production scaling and relocation

  • RMA Services

  • Systems Operating Services

Our Mission
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Juri Sipilä


Head of Embedded

Systems Services

+358 50 540 9128


What Our Clients Say

Image by Louis Reed

Veli-Pekka Ketonen


“Convergens helped us develop an idea into an operational product faster and cheaper than what we could have done ourselves. This also clearly reduced the risks associated with product development.”

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